Apa itu Agel?

Tulisan berikut adalah daripada Alin’s blog. Credit to her.

Agel has applied revolutionary, patent-pending technology to the delivery of nutritional supplements. Gel-based nutritionals are convenient and effective. And Agel made them taste great!

There are three important factors that make nutritional supplements effective:
the proper timing of ingestion,
the correct quantity of each nutritional component,
and the bioavailability of the nutrients.

The convenience of the portable gel packs helps with proper timing for taking the supplements with meals, which enhances the bioavailability (absorption and utilization) of each nutrient. Agel’s supplements are formulated to contain physiologically appropriate quantities of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.And, using gel technology, the nutrients are highly bioavailable – they are readily absorbed into your body. Before gel supplements, individuals relied on less effective tablet, capsule, and liquid forms of nutritional supplements.


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